Jennifer Reeser

“...Baudelaire reborn…”
at The Brussels Journal
Nullam at leo nec metus aliquam semper.

An interview with Michael Burch. Jennifer talks about Dante and Charles Dickens , as well as the commercial success of her epic, The Lalaurie Horror.

At The Hypertexts website, accompanied by certain selected and anthologized poems.

An interview with Timothy Murphy. Jennifer discusses her origins as a serious writer, her sense of voice and place, and her children.

Featured at the Able Muse website, accompanied by video and sound files of  original poetry and translation:

An interview with Russell Bittner. Jennifer discusses Shakespeare and Edna St. Vincent Millay, and her own moments as a photographer’s model.

At the Long, Story Short website, accompanied by personal photos and original poetry.

“...writes as though she thought her heart would break.”     ~~Mezzo Cammin                                          

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“Enigma” at Trinacria

“Aqua, Turquoise and Teal,” at Angle Journal of Poetry in English

Five translations into Urdu at Aik Rozan

 An article on Jennifer’s recent work   At Lagniappe Magazine

Jennifer’s fifth collection,       

Why the Cherokee Abandoned Privilege at Autumn Sky Poetry


          –X.J. Kennedy

New poems at Mezzo Cammin

A “Jennifer Sighting” at PBS Newshour

3 Shaman’s Formulas translated

Spearfinger  a Native American Indian tale  at Life and Legends

“White Pocahontas” at The San Diego Reader

“Indian Angel” at Levure Litteraire